Event Management Permissions for Admins & Users

In 360Alumni communities, any user can organize an event (subject to admin approval, if required). This empowers your members to make the most of their community.  Administrators have a few additional privileges. Here's a breakdown of permissions.

All Event organizers and administrators can:

  • Edit event
  • Manage media
  • Manage tickets
  • Apply campaigns and coupons
  • Manage attendees
  • Message attendees
  • View or request refund / ticket cancellations
  • Proxy register an attendee
  • Invite others
  • Cancel the event
  • Review and remove reported discussion posts

Administrators also have these additional capabilities:

  • Designate an event as "Official Event" which places a banner on it and keeps it at the top of the events page
  • Access all event metrics
  • Event approval (if configured)

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