Setting up a Mobile Home Screen Icon

360Alumni communities are 100% fully mobile responsively designed web pages.  This means that our community is accessible and easily navigated via mobile phone browsers.  While we do not have a stand alone 'native app', users can easily create an app-like shortcut on mobile phones and tablets, which will bring them directly to the alumni community platform.

The app shortcut will be pre-populated with the alumni community title, icon, and URL; however you can choose to change the title of the icon if you'd like to do so.  

Tip: Ensure you click the 'keep me logged in' button when you login to the community. This will ensure that your user session stays logged in for a period of 6 months. Each time you click on the icon you will be brought directly into the community, bypassing the login process.

iPhone Instructions

Open up the safari browser and navigate to your 360Alumni community webpage.  Click on the

icon.  Within the bottom row of action icons, scroll to the right until you see the '+ Add to Home Screen' icon.  Click this icon.  

Next, edit your title, and click Save.

Android Instructions

Go to the Google Chrome Browser and navigate to the community URL on the address bar. Then click the three Vertical Dots on the top-right.


Next, click Add to Home screen.


Name the shortcut icon that will appear on the Home screen. Then click Add. This should add a shortcut to your phones Home screen.


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