Tracking on Personalized URLs

PURL is an acronym for Personal (or Personalized) URL. A Personalized URL is a unique web address created for a specific target/link of an email marketing campaign. The unique web address renders a unique landing page or microsite for the target.  The value add of PURL's tend to be higher conversion and click through rates due to the personalized nature of the content / links within an email.  

Please follow the steps below to track clicks:

Step 1: Log in to Emma

From the Community, go to "Admin," then "Email Marketing." Next click "Create New Email."

From the pop-up, click "Go To Emma." On the Emma website, enter "Username" & "Password" to login.


Step 2: Create a Campaign

On the Emma Homepage, click "Campaigns," then click "Create New Mailing."


Step 3: Add a Button to the Campaign

Drag and drop a "Button" element from the left tray on the campaign area.


Click the "Button." To make the URL traceable, you will need the following:

  • URL of the page you want the user to land on
  • Member field in EMMA & 360Alumni of a user that you'd like to track.

Note: The member field should be in synchronization with the user contact in Emma. This will not work if a member field is in Emma but not in 360Alumni community.

To take a look at all the member field's in Emma. Navigate to "Audience," then click "Contact Fields" on the left panel.


To take a look at the field name to include in the URL click the member field.


In our case, the page we would like the user to land on is - & the member field we would like to track is user_id.

So, our URL looks like -[[user_id]]


Lastly, click save and then "Send a Test" to your email. Click on the Button and see if the URL in the address bar appears something like this

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