Promoting a Group

360Alumni users and administrators can easily create and promote groups within our application.  Our communities offer a variety of different ways to showcase or promote groups in order to gain more members!

Group organizers and administrators can easily add or invite members to join any group.  If you would like to simply add a user to a group, click the "+ Button" on the group page, under the members section.  This will allow you to type the users name and quickly add them to the group. Click "Add Members" to add them to the gorup. The user will receive a message informing them that they have been added to the group.


If you'd prefer to "Invite" them instead of adding them, click on the "Invite Others" button.  Here you can target an in application message to users, with a link to the group, inviting them to join!


*Important Note, you can quickly add or invite multiple members to a group by typing and selecting a list title that you have previously created.

Group organizers and administrators can also choose to cross "Promote Events," directly within group pages.  This is a nice way of promoting events that certain groups may be hosting or interested in, directly within the group page.  On the right hand margin simply click "Promote Event" to add any upcoming events to the group page.


Lastly, administrators can choose to use our integrated email marketing solution (Emma) to target an email to users, informing and inviting them to joining a group.  Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team to help with ideas and execution of successful email marketing campaigns!

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