A Note to 360Alumni Client Administrators:

Processing a refund or cancelling someone's RSVP should be handled as follows: 

If the refund has not already been requested, you will need to cancel the user's ticket purchase / reservation. 

  1. Go to "Manage Attendees" tab within the Manage Event dashboard on the specific event page.  

  2. Select the event attendee/ticket in question, and select "Remove Attendee." 


    IMPORTANT:  If there is a ticket price associated with this RSVP, you will need to submit the relevant information to 360Alumni so that we can process the refund.  This includes refunds requested by event attendees within the 360Alumni Community application.  We can process refunds immediately at which point an automated email goes out to the purchaser informing them of the credit transaction.

    Note that direct refunds can only be issued within 120 days of event ticket purchase.  

    Lastly, 360Alumni will only issue direct refunds to the ticket purchaser if funds have not yet been distributed to our client's bank account.  If underlying funds have already been distributed to the client, then it is up to the client to issue a refund to the end user. Available in the near future, you will be able to process refunds yourself under the "Manage Canceled Tickets" section.

    Check the box to set the ticket for "Refund."