Mentorship Opportunities

The mentorship program is a great resource for individuals who are looking for career related advice, to be able to connect with alumni who are willing to provide support, and guidance.  To start, navigate to the "Give Back" area within the main menu, and select the "Mentorship" page.  The mentorship page will display all mentorship opportunity postings, sorted chronologically by most recently added.  In the top right corner you can toggle the display method, between card view and list view.


If you would like to participate as either a mentor or mentee, select the "Join Program" button.  From here you will either create a "Here to help" opportunity, or a "looking for help" posting.  Simply answer the 3 pre-defined questions, and this will serve as the content of your mentorship posting, that others can then search for.  

Back on the main mentorship page, mentor's who create opportunity postings, are denoted with a 'here to help' banner in the top right corner of the post.  Posts without the 'here to help' banner, represent 'mentee' postings, or those looking for specific help opportunities.

User's can choose to filter these posts by selecting 'display options' and choosing what types of mentorship posts should display.  


Once you click into a mentorship post, users can post a public comment directly in the mentorship opportunity.  Alternatively you can choose the 'send a private message' button in order to reach out to the poster directly.  

User's who created the opportunity can update the status of the posting to reflect whether they made a connection within or outside the network, or simply if the opportunity is no longer active.  

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