Theme Editor

Primary administrators within 360Alumni communities have access to the theme editor, from the administrator dashboard.  This feature controls the web and mobile logos, home page background images, any/all customizable design elements, and the color schemes for your community pages.  

Each customizable element is listed within the left hand panel, with a real time preview of your home page to the right; so you can easily see what your changes look like when applied to your community.  Once you are happy with any design updates, be sure to hit the "Save and Publish" button.  Updates in the theme editor take immediate effect once saved.

When uploading images, please keep the following in mind:

Header Logo Image:  This is the main logo that is applied to every page in your community.  Original artwork or .png files are preferred based on compression and re-sizing capabilities of those file extensions.   The header logo image will need to be rectangular (landscape orientation), with as close to an aspect ratio of 250:87 as you can get.  This must be a transparent .png, .svg or Vector Based Graphic - otherwise it doesn't look good. You should also use as large of a file as possible for to ensure the highest resolution clarity.

Header Mobile Logo:  When users are viewing community pages from a mobile or tablet device, the mobile logo is utilized instead of the header logo image.  This is part of our 100% responsively designed solution that applies mobile optimization to all pages within your community.  The header mobile logo must be a square oriented image.  Typically a symbol or up to 3 letters will fit. This should also be a transparent .png, .svg or Vector Based Graphic

(Optional) Login Background Image:  This is an optional feature that allows you to display a different image on the community landing page. This should be a transparent image file, landscape orientation, and at least 1280 x 720 pixels.

For the assignment of colors to certain objects, labels, and design elements; we use the 6 digit 'hexadecimal' code system.  You can click on the color rectangle to display a rainbow array to choose your color code by eye, or simply type in the 6 digit corresponding color code.  If you only know the RGB code, this can be converted easily using a Google search.

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Couldn't find what you were looking for? Call or email us for assistance!

Couldn't find what you were looking for?

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