User Privacy

360Alumni respects the privacy of all user data.  For accounts that have not yet been activated, we only display a limited amount of information: [name, degree/year, and city/state data where this information is already known.]  Once an account has been activated, users can choose which information they would like to display on their profile by adjusting the private/public settings for each data point.

360Alumni administrators can also control the privacy defaults for inactive and active user profile data, within the settings page < privacy & notifications tab.  

It is also important to note that 360Alumni NEVER shares a user's address with other users within the community.  [City and State are the only address fields that we ever display]  Also we have limited the zoom capabilities within the map to prevent others from seeing your physical location.  Note that if a users home or work address is marked as private, their corresponding pin will NOT display within the alumni map.

Our full company privacy policy can be found here:

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