Groups Overview

Groups give community users the opportunity to network and collaborate based on a common interest, location, profession, etc. Users and admins alike can create groups. Groups can be public and available to all or private to a defined, invited group of members. Read below to learn how to find a group, join a group, create a group, and engage with your group.

Join a Group

You can join any public group by clicking the "JOIN GROUP" button on the group list page, or on the group page itself. If the button is not available, it's because it's a dynamic group driven off of certain data in your profile.

Find a Group

To find a group, go to Groups > Browse Groups. If there are a small number of groups you can scroll down and more groups will load as you go. For quick access to a specific group or groups, click the "Group Search" dropdown menu and enter keywords, then click "SEARCH".

You can find groups in your area or search by group type as well.


Why Create a Group?

Groups are loaded with features to engage your members:

  • Media carousel that supports images, videos, and links
  • Group description
  • Group message board
  • For public groups, an option to invite others to the group
  • Add headlines for group announcements
  • Add and remove members at any time
  • Promote events that may be of interest
  • Send messages to the entire group

How to Create a Group

Any  user or administrator can create a group. User-created groups may require admin approval. To create a group, simply click the "Create Group" button and follow the instructions. For more information, watch the brief video below and check out our article on Creating a Group.

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