Creating a Group

A 360Alumni community Group can help you provide more personal engagement and a discussion platform with group members who share the same interests. Start a group about a fun activity or bring old members of an association together to catch up. Share news stories, engage in group discussions, view images and videos, and share with other people who may be interested. Read below to learn how to create a group.

Step 1: After Logging in to Your 360Alumni Community Website

On the top-right navigation menu click "Groups," then "Create a Group."


Step 2: Fill out the Details on Create a Group Page

Choose the Group type - "Dynamic Groups" (Admin Only) are automatically populated based on your primary association. "Regular groups" are populated by manually adding members.

Note that once the group is created, you cannot change the selection.

"Private" groups mean that only group organizers (and administrators) can invite community members to join the group, and the group is not searchable. "Public" groups are searchable, any member can invite others to join, and any users can join without the group organizer's approval.

You can add multiple "Group Organizers" from the community and assign specific tasks to moderate the group.


Choose a "Group Name" that clearly defines the community you are building. A "Group Type" signifies the content, discussion being shared within the group and is used in the Search/Filter tool.

Complete the "Description" section so that members understand the group's objective.


To help others find your group, add up to 10 relevant "Keywords," and separate each keyword with a comma. These keywords will then be used in the Search/Filter tool.

If you want to create a local group that might get together on occassion, identify the group as "Local", and add an address (even city, state will do). If you want to create a virtual group only, choose "Global".

Click "Create and Continue" to save and publish the group.

Step 3: Upload and Manage Media Page

Media, like images, videos, and websites links, are all supported. It's a good idea to add media that is relevant and eye-catching.

To add an "Image" click the camera thumbnail, then click "Upload Image Icon." Browse for the picture on your computer, select it and click "Upload Image" at the bottom of the window.


"Video/Image" must be hosted on a video streaming provider like Youtube, Vimeo, or similar. Simply provide the web address of the media file.


Adding "Web Page URL" will ensure that an image of the site displays, along with title and description.


* To add more images repeat the steps and make sure to click save after each upload.

Click on "Save and Continue" to move to the next step.

Step 4: Click View Group, then Invite Community Members to Join the Group

On the right side of the page, just below your group description click on "Send Invitations."


Add members from the community and you're all set! To take a look at an example group on our demo environment, please click here.

Tips to Engage with Your Members

Promote Events: If you’ve created an Event associated with this group, you can promote the event right in the group page. Otherwise, any other active Event will rotate through the event space on your group page. You can promote more than one event by simply selecting either the "+" or "Promote Event" buttons. A pop-up with all upcoming events will appear - find the event(s) you want to promote and select the "Promote Event" button. That’s it! The selected events will now appear in your group page.


Group Discussions: This will be the heartbeat of your group - where posts, comments, feedback, information sharing and collaboration will take place. So kick this area off with some posts to get the conversation going.

Topic Ideas:

  • Rules of Engagement ideas (keep these simple): Please refrain from solicitation posts other than job openings, or this is a group for friendly, polite debate and discussion. Please be respectful of others and avoid the use of insults or inappropriate language/images.
  • Ask some leading questions to get the conversation going - people always love to share their opinions!
  • Create a little contest - those who create the most dynamic conversation with a lot of participation will win something. This can be as simple as a T-Shirt or free coffee at the next reunion event, etc.

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