Association Fields

Association Fields are a customizable profile field that have special functionality in 360Alumni. Clients generally use them to identify or segment their community members. For higher education this is often the degree or major.  For private schools, non profits, and other organizations this may be program type, school attended, member type, etc.

Association  1 is a required field, association field 2 is optional. Clients specify association field titles and their available values in the selection menu in the "User profile fields" tab of the administrator settings page. When we import your user data, new associations will be created if they don't already exist. To merge them, send an email to

Note: If you want association fields to ONLY be displayed on user profiles and NOT editable by the users themselves (i.e. in the case of bulk imports including pre determined associations) make sure to check the ENABLE box next to Display Only. This will ensure that the associations are shown on the user profile but users cannot change the selection themselves.

Screenshot showing 360Alumni's configuration section for association fields on user profiles
Association Field Configuration in General Settings

If you are using Association 2, keep in mind that options are not related to or dependent on the user's Association 1 selection. Also, users will be required to select one value from each list when adding an association record to their profile.

Both Association 1 and Association 2 are available as filters in the map and directory.

Dynamic groups  can be created using association field 1 values. These are automatic groups that are updated based on the data in User Profiles. Learn how to create a dynamic group.

Also, a user profile may have multiple associations on it. This allows you to recognize alumni or members who may have been a student in the past and are now a volunteer or staff member. For every association record on a profile, users must designate at least one year for that association. Non-consecutive years may be selected.

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