Association Fields

Association Fields are a customizable profile field that 360Alumni includes within it's user data model.  We encourage clients to use the association fields to capture the characteristic by which their alumni best identify with their organization.  [For higher education this is often the degree and/or focus obtained, i.e. Bachelor of Science, Finance.  For private schools, non profits, and other organizations this may be program type, school attended, member type, etc.]

When choosing the data point(s) to be captured using association fields 1 and 2; keep the below in mind.

  • Association fields 1 and 2 can appear as stand alone sections within the alumni map/directory filters.  This will allow your alumni to filter their directory results by these values.
  • Clients specify association field titles, along with all available drop down selection values.
  • Dynamic groups  can be created using association field 1 values.  How to create a dynamic group
  • Association field 1 is a required field, association field 2 is optional.  If you choose to use both AF1 and AF2, they are used in 'pairing' with each other.  Ex:  Association field 1 = degree  Association field 2 = focus.  A user can choose from degree and focus selections, but must choose one value for each field. (Degree = Bachelor of Science, Focus = Finance)
  • Users must also select at least one year value to include with association field(s).
  • Association field titles and available drop down selected values, can be maintained within the "User profile fields" tab of the administrator settings page.


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