Utilizing a Custom/ Sub Domain To Host Your Alumni Community

360Alumni client sites will be hosted on the 360Alumni.com domain.  Client administrators will determine the appropriate name/acronym to apply during the onboarding process.  The naming convention would be as follows:  [South Carolina University could be https://SCU.360alumni.com or https://SCUAlumni.360alumni.com ]  

If you'd like to utilize a custom or dedicated sub domain to host your alumni community, you can certainly choose to do so.  The process would be as follows:

  1. Purchase the custom URL, or establish the non 360Alumni sub-domain.
  2. Have your web master add or update the DNS entry 'A-record' to point to 360Alumni's server IP address.  (Please reach out to support@360alumni.com to obtain the IP address)
  3. 360Alumni's DevOps team will secure an SSL certificate, and configure the website to be hosted at the new URL.

Please Note that the utilization of a custom or non 360Alumni sub-domain carries an additional $400 per year cost.  (This covers SSL certificate, and other related development/maintenance)

Engage Your Community’s Members:

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Call or email us for assistance!

Couldn't find what you were looking for?

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