Custom Domains with 360Alumni

A custom domain can be added or removed at any time. If you are not using a custom domain, your community will be hosted at an address such as If you have purchased custom domain hosting with your 360Alumni subscription, you can choose any URL you'd like for your alumni community.

How to Set Up a Custom URL for your Online Community

  1. Purchase the domain or set up the sub domain on your existing site and email that address to Include the contact info for your webmaster, who should be CC'd on the email.
  2. We will reply with 2 CNAME entries for your Webmaster to create. If you have an existing CNAME entry that points to another service provider, they will need to be updated.
  3. Let us know once the DNS entries/updates have been made
  4. We will make final updates on our side and let you know when the domain is fully activated.

NOTE: If you are using a custom domain, you will need to configure Facebook to support the "sign in with Facebook" button on your custom domain. Here are the instructions.

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