Meeting 1: Project Kickoff

Estimated  Meeting Duration: 15-45 minutes

During this zoom meeting we will kickoff your project, review the timeline, deliverables and steps to get your community configured, discuss your alumni data and the steps to launch.

The following onboarding materials and documents can be provided to us either before or after this meeting.

360Alumni Onboarding Documents

1. W-9s (for U.S. Based clients)

Download 360Alumni's IRS form W-9 and provide it to your accounting department

Send us a copy of your IRS form W-9 so that we can send you proceeds from your community

2. ACH Transfer Authorization Form

Please download, complete and return this ACH transfer form and return it to us so that we can promptly send you proceeds from your event, fundraising and membership sales.

3. New Client Set Up Questionnaire

Please complete this form and return it along with artwork to your onboarding manager so we can proceed with your community site creation. You do not need to request access, you can either download it as a .doc or make a copy to your own Google Drive, if you'd like to collaborate with other team members on it.

Once we receive all these materials, we will start setting up your community!

Cultivate an Engaged and Successful Alumni Community Program

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