Kickoff Meeting

Estimated  Meeting Duration: 15-45 minutes

During this video conference meeting, we will kickoff your project, review the timeline, deliverables and steps to get your community configured, talk about data and the steps to be ready to launch.

After this meeting, we will ask you to complete and return Administrative Documents, Community Configuration information and Brand Assets before our next meeting.

Administrative Documents

Form W9

Please find the link to Form W9 here. Note that this is only required for U.S.-based clients.

ACH Transfer Authorization Form

Click here to access the document. This document allows us to automatically transfer funds to your bank account, stemming from transactions processed through your 360Alumni community.

New Community Set Up Questionnaire

Click here to access the document. This document is required to proceed with site creation, and there are notes within the document to help you complete it.

Branding and Logo Files

Please send us SVG, PNG or Vector based graphic artwork files as noted below.  Note: image files in JPG and GIF formats tend to get blurry when resized.

  1. A rectangular community logo for desktop and tablet. It should be as large as possible, with an aspect ratio (rectangular proportion) of 250:87. This must be a .svg, transparent .png or a vector based graphic - otherwise it doesn't look good.
  2. A square community logo for mobile. Typically a symbol or up to 3 letters will fit. This should also be a .svg, transparent .png or a vector based graphic
  3. (Optional) Landing page logo image. This should be a transparent image file, landscape orientation, and at least 1280 x 720 pixels.
  4. Any branding guidelines that your institution has established.  We will apply your institutions complete color scheme to your alumni community website to be consistent with your branding.  

After 360Alumni receives these documents, we can begin the configuration of your community.

Start the Journey to a Truly Engaged Community:

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