Onboarding: Overview

Welcome to the Onboarding section of the 360Alumni Knowledge Base - everything you need to know to set up your 360Alumni community. Use the outline below to see the steps of our onboarding process, find quick links to documents, and plan your timeline accordingly. The whole process can take as little as 2-3 weeks, but the pace is set by each client.

Pre Onboarding Action Items

Before your initial kickoff meeting please complete the following action items and return the listed documents to ensure a smooth onboarding process. The completion of these documents is critical to building your community space and their timely completion will impact the onboarding timeline.

Kickoff Meeting

During this video conference meeting, we will kickoff your project, review the timeline, deliverables and steps to get your community configured, talk about data and the steps to be ready to launch.

Data Decisions and Delivery Meeting

During this meeting, we will review and discuss the New Client Form 2: Data Decisions and explore your data strategy and needs. We will discuss the remaining data fields and template for sending your data to 360Alumni for your online directory configuration.  

Admin & Email Marketing Setup and Training Meetings

Typically scheduled as two separate meetings, the Admin Training meeting is to review the admin functions and reporting capabilities of the 360Alumni Platform.  The Email Marketing Setup and Training meeting will review the features of the integrated email marketing platform.  Click here for the administrator training agenda.

Prior to these meetings, we will email your credentials to access your new community platform and provide you with a login for Emma, so you'll be able to explore a bit beforehand.

Pre-launch Consultation and Content Prep

Here we delve into your overall goals and objectives,  provide recommendations for prepping your community with content, identify your early adopters and community supporters and create a plan for success.  Click here for the goals and strategy agenda.

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