Creating a Contact List - Smart vs Static

Any user or administrator within 360Alumni communities can create contact lists.  These lists are essentially a grouping of users along with their relevant contact information.  Lists can either be "Static" or "Smart," and are created within the Alumni Directory.

Static lists are created from the Alumni Directory page using the "Create List" button. After conducting a search, create a list using all or selected users in the search result list. You can also manually add users to any static list directly from their profile page.  

Smart lists are created when you apply dynamic filter(s) on a Directory Search and then click the "Save Search" button.  Smart lists will automatically update the contact list when information about those users is updated to match the criteria in your filter. Example:  If you set a location-based search criteria to build a list of all alumni in Boston, when a user moves from New York City to Boston and updates their profile, that user will automatically be added to your smart list.

Lists have the added functionality of easily allowing the owner to add the underlying users to a group, send an in-application group message, or invite them to an event--in one quick step!

TIP:  When creating a group, event invite, or bulk message, type in the title of a list instead of manually typing in each user's name.

Administrators can choose to sync lists with Emma, in order to target all users included in the list with a marketing email.