Creating Lists in 360 and Adding/ Syncing them to Emma

The ability to create a list of contacts within 360Alumni is one of the fundamental functions that our platform was built on because it's the easiest way for community directors to get their message out to a network of members. Our alumni directory offers both users and administrators the ability to filter based on a variety of different profile data points, and ultimately create smart or static lists of these users.

Within 360Alumni you can filter by: [keyword, name, email, location, associations, year, education, industry, career, skills, languages, tags, and various other custom fields]

Smart lists are lists that update automatically (add/remove users based on their profile data) of the criteria you set. To create a smart list, first navigate to the directory. From here you will want to set your filters/criteria. Then simply click the 'save search' button, and name your list.

Static lists do not update automatically and are user/admin maintained lists. You can still set criteria/filters and add users to your list directly within the alumni directory. To create a new list select the users you'd like added (click select all if appropriate) and then click on the 'new list' button.  

Some common lists among 360Alumni clients are: [Class year, Major/focus, geographical locations (NYC Alumni, Chicago area, or 50 miles of Boston), Industry, and tags (clubs or organizations pertaining to your organization)]

Once you create a list, syncing it with Emma is super simple. Navigate to the <my lists=""> section within 360Alumni, under the Connect menu header. Here within each 'List' simply click 'synchronize with Emma'. Within a few seconds your list should show up within the </my>Groups section of Emma. Voila!  

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