Managing Email Bounces in 360Alumni

When you send an email from Emma, you will typically have a variety of bounces and delivery outcomes.  This is a great opportunity to improve your overall quality of data in your 360Alumni database.

Remember that changes in your 360Alumni profile data are automatically synced to Emma.  It is very important to note that this is a one way sync, so you should make all changes to your 360Alumni profiles, not your contact records in Emma.

Here are the steps to improve future deliverability after sending an email to your 360Alumni users:

1. WIthin the Audience section, pull up the list of bounces by navigating to the "Errors" tab.

2. Open up each of those user's profiles within the 360Alumni community.

3. Edit their email address with a new, accurate, or up to date email address.

4. The new email addresses will appear in Emma within a few moments.

5. You will also notice that the recipient record within Emma no longer resides in the 'Error' tab, and has moved to "Active."

You're done!

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