Admin - Managing Groups

360Alumni communities allow all user's the ability to create and manage their own groups.  We view this as a great way to encourage engagement and allow your constituents to make the most of their alumni community.  That said, administrators have full access to group management functions, as well as additional administrator only privelages.

Group organizers and administrators have the ability to do the following:

  • Edit the group page.
  • Post Headlines within the group page.
  • Manage the media carousel. (insert photos, videos, or rich links)
  • Review and remove reported discussion posts.
  • Delete the group.
  • Send a message to all group members.
  • Promote upcoming events directly on the groups page.
  • Add additional group organizers.
  • Removing users from a group.

Administrators also have the following abilities which regular group organizer users do not.

  • Administrators can create "Dynamic Groups," based off what your organization has classified as 'association field 1'.  This is the field that most organizations use to capture how their alumni most suitably identify or relate to your organization.  (This could be degree, program type, member type, etc.)  Creating a Dynamic Group

While group organizers can give other user's "Group Organizer" access, administrators are the only ones who can give group organizers "Data Access."

Group organizers who have data access can pull all information on members of the group, by taking the following steps:

1. Click on the group members #, to reveal a page listing of all group members.

2. Once here, you can click "Export csv," select all appropriate user data fields, and click the "Export Users" button.


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