Public Facing URLs

All event, fundraising, and job posting pages are open to be viewed by the public.  This means that non authenticated community users who access the URL can view this page.   Non authenticated users can therefore register/rsvp to an event, apply to a job posting, and donate to a fundraising campaign.   At 360Alumni we encourage alumni to share these pages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or by email using the 'share this' feature plugin.  Non authenticated users who are viewing these public pages are unable to navigate to other pages within the community and do not have the same access as community members.

Example  - Click here to take a look at an Event with public facing URL

Admin Tip:  If a non authenticated user makes a donation or registers to an event, a 'limited access' user account is created based on the email address and name they provide during this process.  Admins can grant these users full access or choose to keep them as limited access users, within the 'limited access users' feature in the admin dashboard.

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