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Wheaton Academy

"I wholeheartedly recommend 360Alumni. The customer service is exceptional. The platform is powerful and is constantly enhanced, often in response to requests and feedback from clients. Did I mention that the customer service is outstanding? The staff at 360Alumni are professional, responsive, and all-around great people!" 

Dawn Earl, Director Alumni Relations  


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"I can’t say enough about the care and attention 360Alumni provides us. From the vetting process and our numerous questions to the flawless transition and onboarding process, 360alumni is with us every step of the way, and understands our success is their success." 

Crystal Wylie, Associate Director Alumni Engagement


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“We really love your technology. We’re building things constantly. I’m getting everyone to use the site in the office. We're running emails through Emma three days a week. And the service is outstanding." ........................................................................

Joseph Carlos, Program Manager Young Alumni Engagement Program



"360Alumni is a one stop shop for everything our organization does when it comes to alumni relations. It's a point of connection where value is transferred from current members to alumni and vice versa." 

Jason Ward, Director Alumni and Parent Engagement



"The customer service is excellent! The client success team at 360Alumni are attentive and supportive. I have a monthly call with 360Alumni team member who helps me think about how we can use the platform to achieve our goals. The whole team is eager to help clients (big and small) and always open to receiving feedback" 

Natalia Rodrigues, Director Alumni Relations



"360Alumni has helped us build out the resources we offer to our alums by making it easy to post jobs they would be interested in, map where alumni currently reside, and communicate important information to them."  bvncbvnvbn

Robyn Wardell, Alumni Manager



"The platform is great and we're starting to ramp up events on campus using 360Alumni's events feature. Our customer success manager is incredibly amazing - I love every time I get to talk with her. Overall, we're very happy! Everything is going really, really well" 

Grant Hubbard, Fellow Alumni Director



"360Alumni has become an invaluable partner and extension of our Alumni Association. The added bonus is the platform lets us combine our efforts with other Barlow organizations to provide ongoing value to alumni." 

Mary Mahony,  Alumni Association Board Member


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