Engaging Stakeholders when Launching an Alumni Community

Depending on your organization, your constituents, and your priorities, you can and should engage other stakeholders and departments to support the rollout of your alumni community

Who to Engage when Planning your Alumni Community

As you develop your plan, consider potential partners such as:

  • Communications
  • Registrar for providing data (every year)
  • Career services
  • Athletics
  • Performing Arts
  • Department Heads
  • Development
  • Guidance office (for high schools)
  • and other departments.

These various partners benefit from being involved by staying connected to their constituents, conducting fundraising campaigns, increasing attendance/participation at events, sharing information, and finding “lost” members or alumni. And they can provide content and strengthen engagement on the platform.

Based on the different areas of the platform, here are some potential organizational partners:

Alumni Community Contributors & Stakeholders
Alumni Community Contributors & Stakeholders

Bringing in partners at this pre-launch stage gives them a sense of ownership and influence that can be helpful.

Tip: Remember to call on volunteers from the community as well at this early stage, especially those providing leadership, for thoughts on strategy and community set-up. Calling on volunteers and external partners will be discussed in the Blueprint for Success Phase 2.

Action items: 

  • Make a list of all your potential stakeholders 
  • Review if any should be included in training with the 360Alumni team 
  • Schedule and plan a date alongside the community launch for when to engage stakeholders 

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