How to Make Alumni Management a Simpler Process

Christina Balotescu

February 17, 2020

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There is no way an online community or network can be powerful and engaged on a consistent basis, without someone keeping track of what’s going on. That’s why alumni management is a full-time job in itself! Nobody wins the Super Bowl by accident. And no alumni associations stay successful, engaged, and growing without someone -- or a team of people -- intentionally bringing value to members of their organization.

Recent technological advancements have made it easier than ever for constituents to feel connected to an online community and the members who also take up residence in it. A 2018 study from Marketing General Incorporated found that 70% of organizations experienced a rise in participation via their public social network from the year before. However, technology has also made it harder than ever to stay connected.

How is that true? Well, that’s because the internet -- and social media, in particular -- contains so many options. There is a lot of noise created from all these networks, and it’s difficult for an alumni professional to pinpoint the one that’s most effective. The Alumni Access Blog found there isn’t one go-to social media platform anymore. Facebook is still the most popular, but other platforms are quickly gaining popularity, like Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This gives an alumni professional a large hill to climb when it comes to the most basic part of their job: alumni management. How can it be easier for them to make progress in this area? The key is to simplify the number of systems used, by both alumni professionals and those who are members of the community.

Finding a Solution To Do It All

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a platform that not only reduced the number of systems you use on a daily basis, but reduced it all the way down to one? It’d be awesome to have an interactive map and directory, a job board, your own mentorship program, and an easy way for members to donate, along with event management and email marketing tools all in one spot. Right?

It sure would. That kind of thing sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality here at 360Alumni.

Alumni relations offices typically have a small staff and there may even be one or two people running the show, meaning that being economical and resourceful is their highest priority. We’re happy that our platform has been a tool for countless organizations to use in their pursuit of cultivating an engaged and empowered community that consistently gives back.

We also know every alumni organization is unique from one another, and that means there are specific needs to be met. This is why further developments of our product are client-driven -- if you would like a feature we currently don’t have, we get excited about the chance to speak and find out exactly what you’re thinking about for your members.

Although alumni professionals are tied to helping the institution they work for, their core responsibility is alumni management. Part of this function is to serve constituents in a way for them to see the value in being a member of the community. There is no better way to reach this goal than to find an alumni management platform that’ll allow professionals to engage, empower, and advance both your members and your institution, creating the ultimate win-win situation.

Ready to mobilize? How would you rate the tools and support you get from your current platform? Does your current platform truly empower your leaders or do you still "manually manage” their workflows? If you would like to see how 360Alumni can help you increase connectedness among your constituents, schedule a demo here.

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