Administrator Privileges

In addition to the administrator dashboard features, 360Alumni administrators also have the following permissions.

  • Manage Events:  Administrators have full access to the suite of event management functionality for ALL events created within the 360Alumni community platform.  This also means you can remove any event at anytime.


  • Manage Groups:  Administrators have full access to manage ALL groups created within the 360Alumni community platform, regardless of whether you are dubbed as a group organizer.  Administrators can remove any groups at anytime.


  • Manage Campaigns:  Administrators have full access to the suite of fundraising campaign management functionality for ALL fundraising campaigns created within a 360Alumni community.  Note that only administrators can create fundraising campaigns, and all administrators can edit/remove any/all campaigns.  


  • Deleting or De-Activating User Profile/Accounts:  Deleting a user record results in the removal of the record from the community as well as the 360Alumni database.  Administrators can ‘delete’ a user profile, if this record has never been activated or altered.  De-activating a record safely removes it from the 360Alumni community, however the record stays within the 360Alumni database.  
  • Editing User Profiles:  All administrators have the ability to edit any user profile.  When viewing a user's profile page, simply hit 'edit profile' to make any updates/changes as necessary.  Also, on the 'view profile' page, adminisrators can add notes or update a 3rd party unique ID, on the bottom of each profile page.  Only administrators see this information.


  • Editing or Removing Job Postings:  Administrators can edit or remove any job postings within the job board.

  • Removing Discussion Board Comments:  Administrators can remove any discussion board comments, as appropriate by clicking the ‘x’ that resides next to any comment.


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