Administrator User Management

Within 360Alumni communities, there can be a "Primary Administrator" and then an unlimited amount of additional administrators.  Any administrator can add or revoke any other administrator access at anytime, by navigating to the "Administrators" tab under the admin dashboard.  

All administrators currently have the same level of permissions; however we plan to introduce tiered administrator privileges in the future.  If you ever have any issues with administrator rights, contact the 360Alumni support staff for help!

To Enable "Admin Approval User Access" to the community, follow the steps below:

Step 1: After logging in to your Community.

On the navigation menu click "Admin," then click "Settings."


Step 2: On the Settings Page

At the bottom of the page "Enable" User Registeration." This step will ensure that every new account creation is approved by admin for a new community member.


Alternatively, you can either email, or  reach a representative by calling 424-888-0360.

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