Creating an EMMA Workflow for Profile Activation

Step 1 - Plan the Mailings

When an alumni activates their profile, you want to make sure you engage that person in the community.  Setting a series of emails Think about the actions you want your newly activated alumni to take and make these the subject of your emails. These can be messages like “thank you for joining the community”, “please take time and fill out your profile”, “join a group or create your own”, “post job or volunteer opportunities”, or “can you mentor or need a mentor?” You also want to make sure you are including the value the alumni is getting for taking the action.

Important Note: Remember that the platform will send a profile activation confirmation once completed.

Step 2 - Planning the Email Sequence

Think about what message you want to send when.  As an example, you may want to send a welcome message a day after accepting the terms and conditions, a week later a message encouraging the user to add info to make their profile robust, a week later encourage the user to join a group, and then 4 weeks later send a message that focuses on jobs, volunteering, or mentor-ships.

Step 3 - Log into Emma

From "Admin," click on "Email," "Marketing." From the Email Marketing page, click "Create Mailing," and then go to "Emma" when the window opens up.


Step 4 - Create the Emails

From the "Home" page click "Create New Mailing."  Create the mailings you want and then "Save" the drafts.


Step 5 - Create the Automation

From the top navigation, click Automation, when the page opens click on "Create New Workflow."


Step 6 - Create the Workflow

When the page opens enter the "Workflow Name" you want to use (keep it simple and easy to understand like “New User Workflow”.)


Click on "Audience" and when the side panel opens make sure "Any Contact" is selected and click "Confirm."


Click "Trigger Event" and when the side panel opens select "Field Change" then "Next" Select "Enabled" then "Next."

From "Choose a Field" select "Enabled."

From the "Changes From" drop down select "Anything," from the "And Changes To" drop-down select "Equals," then enter 1 in the field underneath.

From the "Confirm Your Trigger Settings" panel select "Confirm."


Under "Workflow" select "Add Action." From there you are able to add the "Mailings" you want to send and when you want to send them.  Once completed click "Save."


Step 7 - Activate the Workflow

When you are ready to use the workflow created slide the "Inactive" button to "Active."


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