CSRF Errors

From time to time, you will see the following error when you try to log in: 

How to Fix Invalid CSRF Token Errors on Chrome or Edge

  1. Click the “lock” icon in the address bar and click “cookies".
  2. Select the domain of your 360Alumni community
  3. Click “Remove” 
  4. Click “Done”.
  5. Close the tab with the CSRF error in it
  6. Open a new tab and attempt to log in. 

This resolves the issue most of the time. If you are still getting the issue:

  1. Repeat steps 1-5 above, this time deleting ALL the cookies listed.
  2. Quit Chrome and restart it.
  3. Log in again, this time ensuring you do NOT check the “Keep me logged in” checkbox. 

If you continue to get the error or are using another browser and are still unable to log in, please email support@360alumni.com and we will quickly respond to meet you in a screen share to get the matter resolved. 

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