Meeting 2: Data Decisions & Delivery

Estimated Meeting Duration: 30-60 minutes

Requirements:  ACH, W9, New Community SetUp Questionnaire and Logo Files have been sent to 360Alumni.

During this meeting, we will answer any outstanding questions related to the New Community SetUp Questionnaire and review the Data Fields/User Defaults section from the SetUp Questionnaire.  We will discuss the remaining data fields and template for sending your data to 360Alumni for your online directory configuration.

It is important to consider your current data structure and determine how you will setup your user profile data schema in order to best utilize platform features.  The first step is deciding how to structure your association field(s).  Our association field(s) should be used to capture how the user is associated with your organization, what degree they obtained, and/or what program they attended.  Check out our instruction on association fields here.  

Note: Dynamic Groups can be created based solely on Association Field 1 values.  Dynamic groups are affinity groups that populate members based on the association field value on their profile.  

Every one of our clients have different organizational needs and wants around the data they capture from users on their profile page.  As such we created the ability for our administrators to establish as many custom fields as they would like, and also have our tags feature.  

There is the school of thought that including too many fields on a profile page will discourage alumni from fully completing profile pages and including accurate information.  We tend to agree with this and recommend (in addition to standard profile fields) you select only a few important pieces of information to capture.  Fields and sections can be enabled through your settings page.

User Record Template

After 360Alumni receives your data file (following the format in the User Record Template), we will scrub, deduplicate, geocode, run email validation, and format your data for import to your online directory.

Database Integrations

If we are providing a custom integration between your Database and 360Alumni (e.g. Salesforce, Raiser's Edge, etc.), we will use this time to discuss the specifics of that project, including scope, timeline, access, functionality. Please include your database administrator in this meeting.

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