Email Authentication in Emma

360Alumni has integrated Emma® email marketing with your online community. You will have access to the full suite of Emma email tools as part of your service with 360Alumni.

But before you send your first campaign, you need to have your webmaster or domain administrator authorize Emma to send on your behalf. This ensures that your emails will be delivered to your recipients inboxes, and not spam folders.  

Please have them follow these steps from Emma to update your CNAME, TXT and SPF records in your DNS configuration before you send your first campaign.

Please let your 360Alumni onboarding team know when these steps are completed.   

Note: In Emma, there's an known issue where the "Save" button will not become clickable. If the inputs on text fields are valid, the setting you enter will be saved automatically. To ensure the setup was done correctly, reload the page and verify that the domain shows in the field. The RSVP domain is taken from the "Sender Email" on the Sender tab. For best results, ensure all fields are filled out on the Basics, Sender info & DKIM tab.

For more best practices when sending email campaigns, see Emma's video and article, 5 best practices to do BEFORE sending your first campaign

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