Sending your First Email with Emma

Emma Email Marketing is your powerful, integrated email marketing platform that makes it easy to create beautifully designed emails that drive results!  360Alumni clients receive access to an Emma email marketing account*, which typically include the ability to deploy up to 50,000 emails per quarter as part of their plan.  Clients can deploy more email marketing messages to meet higher volume needs at an additional fee.  * (Check your contract for your specific plan).  Key profile data elements from your community flows in real time from the 360Alumni database directly to the Emma platform.

This article explains how to get started on your first email to your alumni.  It assumes you have received your Emma login.  If you would like a fellow 360Alumni administrator to be added as a team member in Emma, please email with their name and email address.  

Step 1: After Logging in to Your 360Alumni Community Website

On the top-right navigation menu click "Admin," then "Email Marketing."


Step 2: Emma Email Marketing Dashboard

Click "Create New Email." A window will pop-up; click "Go To Emma" if you already have the login, otherwise contact


Enter your "Username" and "Password." Click "Log In."


Read through the introductory email and click "Save your Spot" if you want to learn the basics live, or you can watch the pre-recorded videos by clicking the link.


Step 3: Emma Home Page Navigation

On the Emma interface, click "Campaigns," then click "Create a New Mailing."


Step 4: Choose Your Method of Email Creation

The best way to get started is to choose from the pool within "Template Gallery." There is always one that fits your design needs, and you can easily alter it to match your preferences.

Choose "Blank Template" to start designing from scratch or "Code Your Own" if you have know HTML & CSS.  


From here, we will leave you in Emma's capable hands.  You can access Emma’s resource center for help with utilizing their platform:

Create the Engaged Community You’ve Always Wanted:

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