Emma Syncing Rules

360Alumni has an integration that links our alumni community database, with Emma's powerful email marketing platform.  This integration ensures that all alumni record profile data is synced in real time with Emma.  We also pull certain information on your mailing's back from Emma.  Take a look at the below synch rules and details.

1. User profile data.  360Alumni > Emma  

2. User unsubscribe flag.  360Alumni <> Emma

3. User mailing stats (opens, bounces, clicks, etc)  Emma > 360Alumni

4. 360Alumni Lists.  360Alumni > Emma

*User profile data consists of the following fields: [user ID, first name, last name, home city, home state, home country, home zip code, work city, work state, work country, work zip code, year, institution ID, activated, activation date, creation date, tags, last login]

Some important notes:

- Email addresses that are determined or marked as 'bad/invalid' within 360Alumni are not shared with emma. This will often times account for any differences in user count in 360Alumni vs. emma's audience view.

- The 360Alumni unsubscribe flag and emma 'opt out' attribute integration is a 2 way sync.  HOWEVER, Emma prohibits the changing of opt out to opt in, by anyone other than the user.  So if a user within 360Alumni updates their profile from 'unsubscribe' to 'subscribe' this WILL NOT change the user to opt in within Emma.  The user will have to opt in themselves, within Emma and an do so by following these steps.

For more information on the integration with Emma, or if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to support@360alumni.com.

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