Merging Records

Merging Records

Duplicate accounts may occur in the following circumstances:

1. Your alumni are preloaded and they enter a different last name than the name already in the database. As a result they don't see their name in the matches found during account activation.
2. They RSVP for an event or make a donation using a different email than what you have preloaded for them.

To request that accounts be merged, please send the names and/or 360Alumni user IDs (found at the end of the URL of their profile) to We will run a script to migrate all data and activity from the more recently created record into the older record, then disable the newer record(s).  The result will be one full access user record with the most updated user information and activity remaining.  

Deleting vs. Deactivating User Accounts

Within the 360Alumni community you can only delete a user account/profile if that user has not activated their account and there is no activity within the community by that user account. If an administrator "Deletes" a profile, this removes the record completely from your database.   If an account has been activated and there is activity associated with the profile, administrators can "De-activate" the record.  De-activating a record does not remove the record from your database, however it does remove the record from displaying within the community.  It also results in the user no longer being able to login, or gain access to the community.

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A Plan Is Needed to Provide a Valuable Alumni Community:

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