Transaction Reporting

The first week of each month, 360Alumni prepares and transmits fulfillment payments via ACH or international wire directly to our client's accounts. These payments will include all event, donation and membership proceeds for the prior calendar month, minus applicable fees. Fees include credit card processing and service charges, if applicable to your plan. We never charge per-transaction fees.

There is a $20 minimum for fulfillment payments to clients with US bank accounts. For clients with bank accounts outside the US, there is a $300 minimum on fund transfers and international wire transfer fees may apply. If your monthly transactions do not reach the minimum, the funds will be issued in a subsequent month end reconciliation, once the minimum balance has been met.  

Receipt Reporting:  In the admin dashboard you will find the receipt reporting feature. Receipt reporting is the area where all transactions that occur within your 360Alumni community are reported and displayed in a monthly report. These reports can be exported via pdf or excel.  The receipt reporting monthly breakdown will provide summary statistics so your accounting staff can ensure that proceeds are allocated appropriately.  It is the 360Alumni community administrator's responsibility to ensure these payments are reconciled; and funds are delivered to the appropriate person/department/location.  

To export reports please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click "Admin," then click "Receipt Reporting"


Step 2: On the Receipt Reporting Dashboard

Click on the date to export a "PDF" file, otherwise click on the "CSV" to export an excel file.


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