Meeting 3: Email Marketing Training

Estimated (per) meeting duration: 45-60 minutes each

Requirements:  Data received, accepted and loaded into your 360Alumni Community, administrator profile updated and community features reviewed.

Prior to these meetings, our client services team will send you an email with credentials to access your new community platform, so you can familiarize yourself with the features and tools available to your users and to you as an admin.

Before the Admin Training Meeting, please login and do as much of the following as you can:

1. Update your own profile, including bio, headshot and all applicable profile fields

2. Add your Organization’s Social Networks

3. Create a Custom Welcome Message

4. Create some Headlines (notifications may go out - if you

During the Admin Training Meeting, please share who on your team will have access to email marketing.  360Alumni just needs their name and email address to set up their email marketing credentials.  

Email Marketing SetUp and Training

Requirements: Data received, accepted and loaded into your 360Alumni Community.

360Alumni has integrated Emma® email marketing with your online community.  You will have access to the full suite of Emma email tools as part of your contract with 360Alumni.

Before you begin sending email marketing messages, there are 2 separate processes that you will need to complete to ensure your emails are effectively delivered to your recipients (and not sent directly to spam folders).  The two methods are SPF and DKIM, and both should be done to ensure email authentication.  

1.  SPF

We recommend that your webmaster setup Emma as an approved email sender for your domain.  Please share the following two documents with them to help maximize deliverability of your emails.

What is an SPF Record? - Click here.

Setting up Emma as an Authorized Sender - Click here.


Updating CNAME records - DKIM Instructions from Emma

Once you have completed the steps in the DKIM instructions, please reach out to 360alumni support, so that they can have Emma run a test to determine that these settings have been properly updated.  

**Note that for both methods above, it can (but is not likely) that changes to DNS records can take up to 24 hours to successfully propagate.  

At this meeting, we will provide training on how to use the powerful email marketing tools to send beautifully designed emails to targeted segments of your audience.  You will leave this meeting with the following knowledge:

  1. Creating segments and groups for targeting.
  2. Creating emails using templates or creating from scratch.
  3. Using image and document libraries.
  4. Previewing and sending tests and scheduling delivery of final emails.
  5. Analytics and reports.
  6. Creating automated email messages using workflows and triggers.

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