Onboarding: Administrator Training & Emma Walkthrough

Estimated meeting duration: 45-60 minutes each (1 or 2 meetings depending on whether you plan to use Emma)

All stakeholders who will be involved in the development and marketing of your community are invited to these training sessions.   

Admin Training

Requirements:  Data received, accepted and loaded into your 360Alumni Community, administrator profile updated and community features reviewed.

Prior to these meetings, our client services team will send you an email with credentials to access your new community platform.

Before the Admin Training Meeting, please login and do as much of the following as you can:

1. Update your own profile, including bio, headshot and all applicable profile fields

2. Add your organization’s social networks

3. Create a custom welcome message

4. Post some headlines (note: email notifications may go out to your imported alumni, so feel free to delay this until you are ready to launch).

Emma Training

Requirements: You have activated your Emma account (360Alumni will send you an invitation) and your Webmaster has made the required DNS configurations to authorize Emma to send on your behalf.

As a 360Alumni client, you will have access to the full suite of Emma email tools. During this training meeting you will learn how to:

  1. Create an email marketing campaign in Emma
  2. Create and apply templates
  3. Create segments and groups
  4. Sync lists from 360Alumni to Emma
  5. Test your emails

After the training, you will be ready to create and send your first launch emails!

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