Adding New Records

Importing Records:  If you would like to import new records to the 360Alumni community database, you will need to format the data using the attached User Record Import Template. Once your records are formatted according to the defined template, send the file to your 360Alumni support contact.

360Alumni support staff will import the records into your community. During the import process we scrub and normalize your data, geo-code location information, de-dupe records, as well as run all email addresses through a validation tool.  Based on the complexity of data provided and current queues, please expect a 2-4 business day turn around on importing of new records.  

Note that when importing new records, the user is not notified that their record was added to the community.

Click here to download the most recent template.

Creating a New Account:  If you intend to simply add a few new user's to your community, you can provide them directly with the community website instead.  Our login process has logic built in so that new user's will activate their record upon first login; however if there is no record for that individual they can create a new account during this login process.  Depending on your community setup, administrators may need to approve new account creations, in the approval requests queue.  

A Plan Is Needed to Provide a Valuable Alumni Community:

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