User Access Management

User Access Management

Typically all alumni records are imported to the 360Alumni community database during the onboarding process. Once a user comes to the community a process to 'activate' their profile takes place upon initial login. If a user does not locate their existing record, they are prompted to create a new account. Administrators of 360Alumni communities can choose to have an 'open' or 'closed' community. If you have an open community, any new account creation results in the user having immediate access to the full community. If you have a closed community, any new account creation will require administrator approval, prior to the user being able to gain access to the community. Closed community administrators will need to monitor the "Approval Requests" feature, under the administrator dashboard, in order to approve or reject these new user account creations.

360Alumni communities also allow non alumni the ability to RSVP to events, and donate money to fundraising campaigns. These non alumni (Parents, staff, spouses, friends, etc) will have limited access accounts that can only view event and fundraising pages; and do not appear as alumni records within the directory/map. Limited access accounts are created once a non authenticated user donates funds to a campaign, OR RSVPs to an event. These limited access accounts will show up in the <limited access="" users=""> feature within the administrator dashboard, and are only viewable by administrators. Administrators can choose to ‘upgrade’ any account to have full user level access, within this page.  Upgrading an account to full access will result in this user’s profile being included in the alumni directory, and that user will have full access to the community.  </limited>** Pro tip: Duplicate accounts can often be created by users who provide different email addresses during the RSVP or donation process, and will often times show up in this queue.  

The registration process is a complex topic.  360Alumni wants to ensure that we are not creating a barrier for users to RSVP to events or donate to fundraising campaigns.  We need to uphold security and privacy of user data, and not allow others to 'hijack' other alumni user records.  Most organizations do not have up to date contact information on alumni, and often users will utilize additional or new email addresses when registering or logging into websites.  Consequently, there will always be an element of maintenance that our client administrators will need to deal with, to reduce duplicate records and ensure appropriate individuals have full access to the alumni community.  Administrators can maintain accurate records by Merging User Accounts as needed; OR send requests to merge records to 360Alumni support ( ) and include the relevant details.

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